Family Holiday Trends

Multiple families holidaying together in a large villa seems to be an increasingly popular trend in 2015. In fact approximately a third of our recent bookings are for Holiday Nannies for this type of scenario.  Often there are several young children, some of whom are toddlers and babies, so the prospect of the parents getting any relaxation time at all  is pretty remote, unless there is an an extra pair of hands and eyes on board!

Sometimes two nannies are needed, to work as a team, depending on numbers/ages of children, and whether there are other adults around.  This can work really well, and of course the cost is shared between the families.

Most of our families say that even the most “child-friendly” villa may not be as child friendly as your own home – so extra vigilance is vital, especially where over-excited children are concerned. Carpets are non-existent and floors are hard, so just a small tumble can result in a large bump!

Also further feedback shows that for the  children, the presence of a non-parent can be a real novelty, especially if she has fun ideas up her sleeve.  And for older children, this kind of holiday is a bit like having a private club with their best friends, and a nanny whose job it is to make sure they have fun (and stay safe!).

And of course for parents, having a resident babysitter is the icing on the cake...