we run SOLELY on word of mouth.

We take pride in making a good 'match' and ensuring the family and Nanny are both happy.

We are fortunate enough to have some glowing reviews, and happy to provide contact details of referees on request:


“We’ve tried using several nanny agencies since having our second child and My Travelling Nanny are streets ahead of the competition. They have the best candidates on their books and are highly efficient and a pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend them!” - Alex: Feb 2018

“We did want to send our thanks to you for finding S for this trip.  She was ideal and did a great job for us.  We have not had a Nanny before, at home or away, and the demands of our 2.5 week trip to Japan were considerable.  We needed someone flexible, organised, reliable, well-mannered and kind who was able to adapt to various situations as we were on the move throughout the entire trip, never staying in one place for more than 2 nights.  S, not only met the challenge but proved herself to be inventive in finding exciting and fun things to do with our 2 daughters during the trip.  Her background as a school teacher is such an asset in a nanny for children with ages such as ours (8 and 6).

We wholeheartedly recommend her to any family looking for a travel nanny and cannot emphasise enough how well Sarah applied herself to the task.  She embraced the role, building a lovely relationship with our girls and enabling my husband and I to focus on our work without worry or reservation. She’s a lovely person and a great nanny.“ - Jan 2018

"My Travelling Nanny offered us a very efficient, quick and personal service. They found us the perfect nanny immediately just days before Christmas. The agency and its staff are extremely organised, dedicated and understanding of individual needs and style.

We give them the highest accolade. The nanny we had for our 2 week holiday was quite brilliant. Her care for our daughter (aged 18 months) was of the highest quality, and she was sensitive to the wishes & needs of us as parents, knowing instinctively when to leave us alone or when to offer to help. We never felt anxious when we left our daughter with her to go out to dinner or an expedition by ourselves." - John : April
"Thank you so much for your efforts and how quickly you have supplied us with potential holiday nannies!" - Claire : January 2014
"I worked for 'My Travelling Nanny' for a few months in between jobs. They were fantastic. I practically had a full time job from a collection of temporary positions and got to travel to lots of amazing places. The agency were very professional and always ridiculously fast at responding to any queries. The agreement was great at ensuring the nanny gets time off, which in the case of hot or snowy destinations it meant a quick afternoon of sunbathing or snowboarding. I'd highly recommend 'My Travelling Nanny'." - Comment from a nanny
"I wanted to thank you for all your help - I have been seriously impressed by your service and will have no hesitation in using you again / recommending you to friends" - Laura : December
"I can't tell you how much I appreciated your professionalism and detail to good service, it's so rare with nanny agencies!!" - Comment from a nanny
"Thank you so much for all your help with this! Yours has been one of the most efficient agencies I've dealt with, and you've been wonderfully reassuring throughout the application process when I was a bit nervous, which I really appreciate. Mary - Comment from a nanny : 2016
"My travelling nanny is a MUST!!! We recommended this site to everyone we met during our trip… as everyone wanted our 'travelling nanny' =) and the ease and flexibility of it. We had the BEST experience from start to finish. Our needs were met…from explaining exactly what we would need the nanny to do and what we would require and the most suitable nanny was found for us. It couldn't be more simple. We had an incredible nanny and immediately our children were running up to her giving her hugs….. (kids are the best judge)

Mytravellingnanny made the whole experience easy and straight forward… the hours were set and if we needed any more it was a simple hourly fee. We dealt with Linda from My Travelling nanny who knew exactly what we need and who!!! It was apparent that she knew all the nannies on file well and knew which nanny would be perfect for us. 

We will definitely use my travelling nanny again, all the stress was taken out of our trip, we were all more relaxed and the kids had an even better holiday!!! =) Thanks My Travelling Nanny" - June
"I have used My Travelling Nanny three times now and can highly recommend them. I always travel last minute. Linda and Michaela were on the case immediately. The service is second to none and the nannies recommended and supplied were ideal for the job. I have tried other agencies but will now only use My Travelling Nanny." - Gary
"We found 'My Travelling Nanny' online and it proved to be a wonderful service. We received both advice and relevant CV's and, most importantly, a great nanny that meant that everyone had a great holiday. We could not have asked for a better nanny. Our kids loved J and we loved her. She left no stone unturned in ensuring that our children were occupied and having fun. Having someone as professional as J also meant that the parents could have a holiday" - Charlotte
"I felt that Linda understood my requirements well, and organized everything quickly and efficiently. We had not had a holiday nanny before, and the one we had was lovely - she fitted in very well - our children took to her straight away, and she was very professional. Having her with us meant that we had a proper break." -Vikki
"Thank you to MyTravellingNanny for the excellent nanny you provided with 10 days notice for our trip abroad. Your service was very valuable - evidently providing an excellent nanny and good information during the process of recruitment. We appreciated your efforts and will use the service again for holidays. Thank you." -Alex
"C was wonderful with the children. They immediately felt comfortable with her, she has a natural way to connect with children. She was very friendly and playful with the children, but was able to correct them in a gentle way when needed. She was also good at helping me to get them ready when we wanted to go out. The children grew very fond of her. She was friendly, playful and kind as well as very professional. We all loved our time with her." - Susan (South Africa)
"She really was the most outstanding nanny, and really made our holiday." - Hannah
"I have been recommending My Travelling Nanny all over the place! The whole booking procedure was painless and I couldn’t believe how flexible the service was. It was all so easy, and we will be contacting MTN again when we book our next holiday." - Joanne
"Thank you for helping us to find such an excellent nanny. It meant that we could do a lot of things that we would otherwise not have been able to do during our visit." - Susan
"Many thanks for the super fast turnaround on this!" - Tracey
"Such an amazing idea!! I always have trouble finding a Nanny who will travel! They just don’t want to! And if they agree, they charge the earth!" - Talia
"Very easy to deal with, very quick to respond, have been recommending them to all my friends. Our nanny was brilliant with the kids, it really made our holiday having her." - Luscinia
"Many thanks for the very efficient organization at relatively short notice. It all went very smoothly and the nanny was a great help during our holiday." - John B
"fast and professional service, with a real focus on clients needs. I felt I could trust your recommendation and you took the stress out of our holiday care arrangements. I have already passed your details onto two friends. Top class!" - Michelle
"My Travelling Nanny was able to zoom in to the relevant candidates after knowing the family only for a few months." - Carlo
"We decided to use My Travelling Nanny after they were recommended by a friend to take the headache out of finding the right nanny for our 2 young children, so that we could finally have a well earned holiday ourselves. We were offered a good selection of brilliant people, all entirely appropriate to our needs, and the one we finally chose could not have worked out better. The whole process was simple, friendly and professional, and we will certainly be using them again" - Adam
"We had a great time in France and Andrea was a great help and all went perfectly, happy to answer any questions you might have re Andrea and/or the services of my travelling nanny which after my experience I would be very happy to recommend to anyone." - Hugh G. (London)
"Our experience with My Travelling Nanny has been first class from the day they were recommended. As parents who had only one previous experience with a nanny from a different agency many years ago which hadn’t gone particularly well, we were quite reluctant about trying again. I spoke to Linda on the phone, who explained exactly how the service worked and waylaid any fears I had. She was warm but professional, clear and experienced, she understood my worries and had answers to counteract them. I was assured no commitment had to be made until we had spoken and interviewed several nannies and was absolutely certain and comfortable with the choice we made.

The three candidates that were sent through were absolutely fantastic. After having phone conversations with each one, we then decided to ask one for a face-to-face interview the following day, and she didn’t disappoint. It was quite short notice with only 3 days before we flew for two weeks in Spain with our 2 daughters aged 8 and 5. But our Holiday nanny was very relaxed about the whole thing. She was very experienced and gave lots of information on how it all works, hours, activities that would be done with the children, what duties were included etc. This meant we were all clear about employment terms and also gave her a chance to meet the girls before the airport.

The holiday itself was absolutely brilliant and taking a Holiday Nanny has changed the way we will holiday from now on. She was on hand when we needed her but when she wasn’t required made herself scarce so that we could have some family time. This was massively important to us. We would go to the supermarket to pick up food, which the girls hate doing, and when we got back they would be busy with some science experiment involving evaporation and dissolving. The girls adored M and were very sad when she went home. Nothing was a problem for her, and my husband and myself admired her work ethic, her professionalism and her responsible nature.

I have already recommended Mytravellingnanny to all my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them further. It’s a fabulous service, run by lovely people in a very professional way. We’re looking forward to our holiday next year."