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Are you going on holiday with another family? Why not share a Holiday Nanny.

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We offer tailor-made holiday childcare packages, as we know that every holiday is different. Not only can you choose the type of Nanny you require and meet them yourselves, you can also choose their hours and days of work. We offer three types of Travelling Nanny to suit all budgets

Please use our Cost Calculator below to estimate the price of your Holiday Childcare, or email/phone us for a quote.

Placement Information

• Nannies are usually placed on a weekly basis, (contact us for placements shorter than one week).

• A week includes travelling days and is usually 8 days long, for example Sunday - Sunday. This is the usual length of holiday bookings.

• The number of hours are chosen by the family, and agreed with the nanny before the contract is signed. However, the family is free to choose their own hours, the cost of which can be estimated on our Cost Calculator below.

• Our nannies are entitled to 1 day off in an 8 day week (a non-travel day). They are available to help on both travel days as part of their allocated hours.

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